We are proud to say that Bob’s great-grandfather, Phillip Math, homesteaded this land over a century ago (1915), and it has been in the family ever since.  With roots deep in farming and ranching, we take pride in the quality of wheat and cattle that we produce.

Our sons, Cody and Kevin, came home after college and joined the operation.  They have  started families and hopefully, someday, our grandchildren will carry on the tradition.




The “farm” in Math Farms is no accident.  In between calving and A.I. season, we seed several thousand acres of spring wheat, barley, peas, canola, and lentils.  We calve later than most to avoid the cold, and with seeding taking a lot of our time, we have changed from a spring to a fall bull sale.  We enjoy watching the entire bull crop grow these extra few months. We always strive to have some new pedigrees to offer each year. 


We strive for an attractive mother cow with excellent disposition, strong foot, and great mothering ability.  We want calves to come easy, vigorous, and hit the ground growing.  With these bitter cold and windy springs in NE Montana, it’s a must.  We hope those traits carry down the road, through our bulls, to our customers’ future females. We also have purchased cows from the SAV Polly cow family and a granddaughter and 2 daughters of the iconic SAV Blackcap May 4136.  These are amazing females and we can’t wait for the future they will bring to our herd. 

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We have several flush brothers from them whose sires include SAV Renown, Ten Speed, International, Seedstock, and Pedigree, Quaker Hill Rampage, and RRB Tour of Duty.  In addition, we have several sons of Shipwheel Upward 2517, who has become an excellent sire for the much desired combination of calving ease and power.